Journal 79 — Unity 2.5D Platformer 2.0 with Assets

Objective: Continue development of 2.5D platformer with environment assets and 3D character

In the previous articles, we prepared a basic player object with jump skills and an environment with an elevator, wall jump skills, and the ability to push a box onto a pressure plate. In this article, we will prepare a 3D character in an environment.

Universal Render Pipeline

In Unity, we can start by adding in some basic environment assets. We need to add a Universal Render Pipeline profile in order for the assets to correctly show. In the Package Manager, we can add the Universal RP from the Unity Registry.

After doing that, we can create settings folder and URP Asset.

Finally we can go to the Project Settings under “Graphics”, and select the Render Pipeline Settings we just created.

Player Control

Let’s create our basic character and make its controls, and then we can add a 3D character asset.

We can create a Player C# script and follow the same approach as previously done for the character controller movement:

Now we can check the movement.

3D Character

Now that the character controller movement is working, we can add a 3D model asset. This can be of your choice.

As you can see, some of the model files are not correctly imported. We can upgrade the Universal Render Pipeline project files.

Then we can check that the meshes are correctly shown.

Finally let’s check the character controller collider is lined up. Then we will tackle animations.

Thank you for your time!



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