Journal 61 — Unity Line Up Audio and Video in Cutscene, Part 3

Objective: Create cinematic cut in extended cutscene

In the example below from “The Great Fleece”, we are continuing to build the beginning cutscene. The previous part addressed the setup of Timeline and Cinemachine with all the virtual cameras. Now we need to create smooth transitions and camera movement.

Darren Down Rope

The first part of the cutscene has Darren sliding down the rope to drop behind a display case. The first virtual camera view should only be a little more than 1 second.

We can update the camera shot length by dragging it in Timeline.

Now we need to add an animation track for the camera to follow Darren down the rope.

We can set the first camera keyframe by re-typing in the current y-axis value, then drag the Timeline slider to the next camera view where Darren drops to the ground.

We can set this last keyframe by repositioning the virtual camera to keep Darren in the shot while on the rope.

Darren Side Shot

The next transition has Darren dropping to the floor behind the display case, and a side shot of Darren crouching. We can adjust the length of the drop down camera duration to fit with Darren as he settles into a crouched position.

Here is the transition in action.

As you adjust these transitions, you may need to doublecheck the camera view in Game mode and modify some of the camera positions. In this case, I adjusted the camera rotation and height slightly.

Now we want to animate the side shot camera to briefly pan on Darren as he settles into a crouched position. We can set the first keyframe by re-entering one of the coordinates.

We can set the second position of the camera panning by moving the Timeline marker and making sure the virtual camera is selected, and hit Ctrl+Shift+F.

As you can see, we have a warning and the virtual camera is not correctly rotating while panning.

We can fix this by deleting the first keyframe and re-recording it.

As you can see, we can move the camera around in Scene view and reset the camera and record this keyframe.

Here is the fixed transition where the camera correctly pans and rotates.

Thank you for your time!

In the next article, we will continue building the extended cutscene.



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Chris Nielsen

Chris Nielsen

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