Journal 134 — Unity App Development, Set Up Interactable Map

Objective: To develop a new app based on a map layout with pop up scriptable objects

I will go over creating a new app that has the map of a zoo and has pop up screens with facts about different animals. The core of the app uses scriptable objects for each one of the animal fact objects.

We can start with the basic layout of the app with a landscape view. We can make a panel for the Main Menu and UI image for the background.

We can then add the rest of the main menu artwork. We will repeat the process of checking that the image assets are set to Sprite (2D and UI) before they can be used, creating new UI Image objects, and positioning them on the app screen.

Here is the style of the start menu.

Map Screen

The map screen has several more UI elements that are scaled, anchored, and duplicated in multiple locations, and there are several buttons that will link to pop up screens on different animals.

Activate Map Panel

To start with the navigation, we can set the Map_Panel game object as inactive, then we can update the Main Menu start button On Click() event to make the Map_Panel game object active.

Thank you for your time!



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