Journal 124 — Unity App Development Setup Part 5

Objective: To add the navigation between screens for the app

In the previous articles, I went over setting up a basic app in Unity. In this article, I will set up the primary buttons to navigate through all the screens.

We can start with the Main Menu screen. We can add an On Click event on the Find Case button. You simply drag the desired screen to the On Click event, and set the GameObject to active. We will also want to make sure to include another On Click event for the border panel.

Next, on the Search Panel, we want to update the button to link to the Select Case Panel. So we repeat the process.

We will save the progress on the Select Case Panel at this stage. Now we can update the screens for the Create Case button. We will need to navigate to the Client Info Panel.

Next, we need to update the button on the Client Info panel to navigate to the the Location Panel.

From the Location Panel, we want to navigate to the Photo Panel.

And from the Photo Panel, we will then navigate to the Overview Panel.

Thank you for your time!

In the next article, I will go over implementation of the C# scripts to enter data.

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