Journal 120 — Unity App Development, Getting Started Part 1

Objective: To set up an app in Unity with Amazon Web Services

This is a new project to develop an Android app for business. The app is based on collecting information on insurance cases for accidents. The app consists of collecting user information, photos, and map locations.

To start, we can make a new project in Unity, and change the Build Settings to Android. I’m using Unity 2021.2.

Then we want to add Amazon Web Services for cloud storage of information. I will go through the new account setup.

  1. AWS Home Page: Fill out basic contact information and payment information. In my case I will use the free service for now.

2. AWS Login: As described in the AWS docs here, you should not use account root user, but create IAM users.

After logging in, we will go to the account settings and add an Administrator.

3. IAM Administrator Setup.

After going to the account settings, scroll down to the section titled “IAM User and Role Access to Billing Information”, and choose Edit to change the setting to “Activate IAM Access” and chose Update.

From there, go back to the IAM console, and select Users and add a user.

Then you need to create a User called “Administrator”, and select “AWS Management Console Access”, and select the password, or auto-generate a password and the user can create their own at next sign-in. Once this is done, choose Permissions.

On the Permissions screen, you should create a Group called Administrators, select the check box for AdministratorAccess policy, and then select Create Group.

There’s an optional page for Tags.

The last page is to Review the user information, which has the name, password, and URL for login.

Finally, you can go to the Administrator login.

Now, we want to add the AWS software. Make sure you have these software packages described here. The previous versions included AWS Mobile SDK for Unity, but the latest version is AWS SDK for .NET.

Please note there are special procedures for using these services with Unity.

This is a Part 1 for getting an app ready for AWS. There are several more steps to prepare the files to work with Unity.

Thank you for your time!